Not Waving But Drowning

by featherweight



released June 25, 2010


tags: punk emo Florida


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featherweight Florida

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Track Name: Worlds Crumbling
Excitement fades another time.
Im hurt and my body is broken. I'm not alive.
My skin is thickening as I'm hiding in my shell. I hide from all my feelings. I'm even scared to look you in the eye. I slink away back into my shell where I'm by myself.
My skin is thicken, while my world is crumbling.
Track Name: Losing
I'm losing the air that I can't breathe and I'm turning blue. I'm laying alone and I can't see. I'm losing you. This was all I'd need, the air that I can't breathe. I'm hating the man that I can't be. This is all I need, this world that has left me. I can't feel a thing, but the feeling of a year going by and losing this again. I'm calling you, but you can't see me. I know you never saw my heart, but it was the first thing I wanted you to see. So I'm trying...
Track Name: Wish I Could
I'm slipping out of the deep sleep (I had) nightmares of deserts and I woke up in a bed of sand. I'm slipping out of the swing that you pushed me through. I'm just mad that the songs over and I still can't go to bed. It's stuck in my head and I can't feel a thing. I climbed a tree and at the top of it there was nothing left for me to see. I'm procrastinating. Please don't mind me. I have feelings I just can take them quietly. I can't look at you without smiling. You left me high and dry just like we'd never even talked about it.
Track Name: Not Waving But Drowning
Listen to the songbird. I can't hear it. Listen to your voice. I can feel it. Why can't I see you again? I'm losing oxygen. I'm feeling amazing and then, you smiled back at me. I couldn't fucking breathe. You looked into my eyes. You looked at me and saw me for who I was. Not waving but drowning.