by featherweight

(free) 03:22


released June 20, 2009


tags: punk emo Florida


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Track Name: Painstricken
I felt these worlds collide. I lost feeling and reality in the air that I breathed. I looked into your eyes. In every memory, a feeling of agony. I'm hiding in my mind from how I'm feeling and the way that I get attached so easily. I hate the way that I am. My fears conflicting me, this feeling consumes me. The memory of your smile will last forever. I wonder if I knew how the sun went up and the earth goes around.
Track Name: I'm Trying to Take This Hard-Hearted
It never rains here anymore. Now I feel better than I did before. With these memories running through my head, I feel better. Why can't I show you who I really am? I've never been able to show you.