Worrying Gets You Nowhere

by featherweight

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released August 15, 2011


tags: punk emo Florida


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featherweight Florida

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Track Name: Where Can I Find This?
I've loss my path. My head is heavy. The earth is pushing my face down into the dirt in front of me. My whole life I knew what I wanted to be. But, now I'm not sure. I'm meandering down this path digressing and repressing what I want. I feel like I've never felt. I feel like I need to separate to take a step back and regain my faith. I need to step away to regain confidence tremendously, and try to live alone and even like it. Or, maybe even try to understand why I can't open my right hand to see what I have in store for me in life.
Track Name: Envious
You listen for a sound to sound profound. You're the headache I linger around. Now, I'm wound so taut. I'm full of loss and a lingering thought. I'm shoveling grass in my mouth with the taste of sod and weeds dry from a drought. On a wall, I lean. I feel green, acting mean, and looking so serene. I'm the milk spilled on your carpet. I'm seeping into your floor. As I rot I become unbearable, but you won't cry over me. I'm a swelling oozing canker sore. I'm the vein of your mouth's existence. As you dance and your feet leave the floor, don't feel safe if you're held by me I'm a fiend. I'm mean and serene.
Track Name: Night Terrors
I pull the covers over my head. I cave into my bed. It's been 3 months and you're still eating at my head.
You saw me. My mind exposed with every feeling. My sad sorry soul salivating on your scent. I am so sad but this was the best I'd ever had. Yet, I cave in and fall back asleep and slip through the cracks into my own nightmare.

This descend to the bottom, where everyone can see me drown. They've seen this trick before, the now how it goes but I don't know myself. My mouth is dry and my lungs collapse inside. The sun shimmering through every face in the crowd shares a face with you.

I wake up, mouth shut, with a wiped memory and half healed cuts. I pretend i never felt this feeling. I know your sad but you were the best I never had. So I cave in and fall back asleep.
Track Name: Something New
You are all a part of a master plan. A hole we all are sinking in. I keep an open mind, but you keep closing it. Free your mind, express yourself, you've left your brain up on a shelf. Stay inspired, but don't be unlearned. Bring something new to the table. Right your stuck in stable. We're all a part of a master plan a whole we all are sinking in. It's disappointing but I see this everyday. Start a band, go create, do something you love and set your own fate. But, your losing youth hiding in your four walls.