Heaven Sent

by featherweight



released November 28, 2012


tags: punk emo Florida


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featherweight Florida

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Track Name: Ugly
The Angels can't help me. I've burst into a fire. My senses twice removed from my head. Listing a lonely personality up for hire. I see him in the corner. Still hanging from his cross. A crown of thorns adheised onto his head he looked at me and said, "I'm the son of god. I died for all of your sins." I put my hands inside my pockets and thought, "Did Jesus ever really want to Live? And did he ever even want to know me? How could he love me?"
These angels still fuck me. I'm escaping a spreading fire. While I live, you're dead. With your head to bed. The smoke alarms moaning hard like a grim fucking choir. God should retire. He's aging rather fast. He can botch about me to Jesus, but I keep my distance from ugly burn outs. God is ugly. I'm fucking ugly.
Track Name: Big Brother
I'm mutilated and infatuated with big brother looking down on me. He's checking in. A sarcastic grin lets me know that he's watching me. His eye is burning and my forehead is hurting so I turn and I walk away from this jaded bully. He's see through me, but I will not follow. As I'm plunging to hell, I'll tell lucifer you sent me and I'll spit in his face. Im damning myself to a lonely and humble grave where my bones are rotting. You've all forgot me. My imprint is patched up and under the daisies. I'm here with you pushing them up hand in hand. As they grow, you become dead and done. As I'm plunging to hell, I'll wear your face of rejection. If you need me, I'll be here with my arms crossed in a hole. Because I'm dead here with your head near the ground listening for a soul. You never knew me. You still don't know I'm here in a coffin. Can you hear me? I thought I was yelling loud and clear.
Track Name: Heaven Sent
I won't to keep you grounded and I won't try to surround my head with hate. I'm hating my headache. I'll replace it with amazement. But I won't try to keep you grounded. I'll try to keep you astounded. I'm steeping across my grave above the soils where I once laid. I'm gazing at my tomb stone and the god above me. I'm not in a court room so he can't judge me. You're heaven sent. Pessimism is fading. Happiness anticipating. My closets clean. My graves been dug free. Now I look nice but my bones are mean.
Track Name: Not Fooling You
Chewing at a fingernail. The view of myself is an unsettling veil. I'll wear this veil as a face by you. You're not fooling me, I'm not fooling you. I'm want to be a hole that you fall into, now I am full. I'm feeling like a troll hiding under a bridge down the road. I'm slipping and slipping dying for hint. White knuckling and biting at a piece of my lip.